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As a major supplier to the UK Parts Alliance, Ivor Searle will be exhibiting at the group's Spring Trade Show being held at Leeds United Football Club on Wednesday 27th March between 5pm-10pm.Elland-Road-014.jpg

Good customer service is vital to the success of any business.  Alongside quality, customer service sits at the IS_Sales_Team_Resized.jpgheart of Ivor Searle’s mission to produce remanufactured major units, which are engineered to the highest standards. This is accompanied by exceptional service with a commitment to our customers and the environment.

Ivor Searle has introduced 2.0 petrol and 3.0 diesel BMW engines into its product portfolio. 729269164.jpg

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Leading diesel engine remanufacturer, Ivor Searle, provides some handy tips for installing a replacement Ford Duratorq unit.Duratorq.jpg

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Available for up to 40% less than buying a new OE supplied unit, leading remanufacturer Ivor Searle is now offering a range of Audi and Range Rover/Land Rover reman engines. Nouveau-Moteur-Audi-A4-TFSI-190-Ch.jpg

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Leading engine reman specialist Ivor Searle saw a great deal of interest in its products from Land Rover owners at a major show this summer with enquiries continuing. LR-defender.jpg

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Despite all the anti-diesel rhetoric since the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal of 2015, leading reman engine specialist, Ivor Searle, contends that the internal combustion engine (ICE) still has a positive future.VMAX_day_2009-_Engine_cutaway,_side.jpg

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Laws surrounding the recycling of vehicle parts are tougher in the EU than anywhere else in the world and further legislation to protect the environment is a given in the coming years. All power to the remanufacturing industry as Ivor Searle contends.renault.jpg

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For the first time, Ivor Searle will be exhibiting at Mechanex Sandown Park in November to showcase its range of remanufactured major units to the independent garage market.SandownParkRacecourse-9.jpg

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Stricter rules on emissions form a major part of amendments to the MOT test which were introduced in England, Scotland and Wales on 20 May 2018. DPF-Before-and-after5.png

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